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Crave: Craving Support 120 Count
Crave: Craving Support 120 Count
Crave: Craving Support 120 Count
Crave: Craving Support 120 Count
Crave: Craving Support 120 Count
Crave: Craving Support 120 Count

Crave: Craving Support 120 Count

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Kiss Cravings for Narcotics, Alcohol, and Sugar bye bye - in 15 seconds per day...privately.

CRAVE is a supplement high in NAC, including  6 other ingredients studied by third parties to increase your chances of staying stopped by rebalancing the neurotransmitters and reward systems in your brain affected by external substances like drugs, alcohol, sugar, and nicotine.  Click above and choose the amount of bottles you need, today!


The problem: when you abuse drugs, alcohol, and sugar it can re-wire neurotransmitters in your brain responsible for feeling good and decision making.


After the withdrawal process is complete, these neurotransmitters may still be on "empty" and often stay suboptimal as your brain tries to heal itself back into balance.


This commonly results in cravings, stress, memory problems and decreased motivation...


If you’re sick and tired of fighting cravings and also want a mental boost, consider buying CraveTM.

Dr. Helen has researched and reported for

3 Benefits of Crave

CRAVINGS - This is not a magic pill to cure drug, alcohol, and food addiction. That's impossible. But helping you reduce drug, alcohol, and food cravings once you quit is not just POSSIBLE, it's been scientifically PROVEN with high doses of NAC, chromium, and Huperzine.  The compounds in Crave have been studied to help with cravings to narcotics, alcohol, sugar, and nicotine.
MOOD- Crave has a healthy dose of l-theanine extracted from green tea, magnesium, and Vitamin D which is known as "natures calming agent." With these three teamed up stressful situations can be less of a big deal, and "the monkey mind" may bounce around less.*
MIND - Lion's Mane Mushroom and Huperzine-A are coupled to support brain cell repair, better memory and recall, and increased concentration during strenuous tasks.*

Product Facts

Form: Capusles
Quanity: 120

How To Use CRAVE

Choose your package of Crave, above. You will receive your package in days. Take 4 capsules daily without skipping days. Most customers take in the morning and watch the cravings and stress melt away, first thing...


  • Crave has a large dose of an incredibly strong antioxidant, called NAC, along with 6 other ingredients. NAC has been studied to reduce cravings for all sorts of impulsive behavior, most notably surrounding drug and alcohol cravings...


  • With a decrease in cravings comes an increase in your chances of staying stopped. As an added bonus, we also included a mineral called chromium to kick sugar cravings.


  • All 7 synergistic ingredients have been carefully selected through 2 years of research and study. Each ingredient is dosed in only effective doses per confirmed by third party scientific literature. You will not find low quality, low dosage, or inexpensive formulas here.


In fact, you may notice that your bottle of Crave is quite large, why? That's because it takes 4 capsules for us to fit all the ingredients you need in order to replicate the efficacious amounts shown in the studies. We don't cut corners or costs. What you are looking at is a supplement with 2-4x's the normal amount of ingredients per serving than most other products online.


A powerful antioxidant studied to reduce drug and alcohol cravings, impulsive actions, and inflammation*

Lion's Mane Mushroom

This mushroom superpower supports stress relief, mood, brain cell development and memory improvement.

Huperzine A

A natural moss extract studied** to inhibit addictive behavior and also increases memory and mental performance.


An amino acid shown to improve sleep quality, anxiety, and mood.


It’s one of the most important minerals for the body. It fights stress, anxiety, and depression.


This heaven sent mineral supports serotonin levels, so you feel better, while regulating blood sugar and decreasing sugar cravings.

Casey R - Puerto Rico
Halie - Bend
Nick - Oregon

CRAVE is the worlds first Craving reduction supplement, formulated to reduce drug and alcohol cravings while boosting mood, memory, and motivation.

"Supplement Industry Leader NuLevel Research Is on a Mission To Help People Bounce Back from Addiction." - NBC


Crave FAQ

Why is Crave so expensive?

  • When you receive your bottle of Crave, you'll notice its 2x as large as your normal supplement container. We analyzed ALL the studies that were executed on Craving reduction and duplicated the EXACT amount of each ingredient that we found in the scientific literature. The science is clear as day, and the studies tell us the amounts that work, so we passed on those exact amounts to you in this formula. This way you have a supplement that actually works and isn't just filled with "buzz-word ingredients" at low doses. It costs us 2x's as much to make for a reason...because it's PACKED with the ingredients and amounts proven to work.

Are the ingredients in Crave FDA approved?

  • Supplements as a whole are not approved by the FDA as it is up to the manufacturer to market within legal parameters. All of the ingredients inside of NuSleep are currently cleared by the FDA, and we manufacture all our products in GMP certified facilities. 

How long does it take to see results with Crave? 

  • While everyone can react differently to a supplement, it is important to understand how Crave works so that you can understand the complete process; when and why you’re seeing results. Crave supports rebalance to neurotransmitters in the brain that are negatively affected by overusing drugs and alcohol.  It is also healing damaged brain cells via the Lion’s Mane Mushroom.  These processes can take time, upwards of 60 days for some. Although, we do receive plenty of feedback from customers who feel results on day 1.

    If you’ve ordered Crave before, you know about our video series. If not, I’ll let you in on a secret. Each week after you’ve ordered, we send a video to your email to check in on you - to help educate you on one of the key ingredients inside of Crave. These videos dive deep into what each ingredient is actually doing for your body & brain, so that you can be educated to the potential effect that each ingredient has. 

Can I take this alongside my other medications? 

  • Although the ingredients in Crave are very well tolerated, we still recommend that you talk to your doctor if you have any questions.

How will my order be shipped?

  • All orders will be shipped via USPS or DHL.

Do you offer special discounts for medical providers or wholesale purchases of Crave?

How does your return policy work?

  • We understand when it comes to supplements some customers may like to verify our ingredients with their doctors to make sure our product meets their needs. Therefore we will refund any unopened products up to 60 days. Only your most recent processed order is eligible for return. 

    -To receive a refund you must contact Customer Support at 855-966-0096 to receive an RMA number. No exceptions! Any orders returned without an RMA may not be eligible for return. Once the product is received we will issue a refund. 

    -If you do not want to go through the hassle of returning we can offer you an immediate 30% refund should you want to give to relatives or friends.