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Our Story

At NuLevel Research we are a supplement company who serves those who have a history of overusing substances - to help them achieve a better chance at staying stopped through supplementation and lifestyle changes. Our formulations consist of, strictly scientifically researched, medically-endorsed formulas and ingredients to address the hurdles that predictably arise after quitting substances.  For some this can last for months, but for others this can last for a lifetime.  We are not a company claiming to cure addiction of any kind.  Rather, our goal is to provide additional tools that you may not know about, to avoid going back to that lifestyle.


In 2019, Daniel (shown below) founded NuLevel after running a previous business focused on fitness supplements. While his business was profitable, Daniel was dissatisfied with the product, as he felt that the company was falling short of its potential to make a positive impact on the world. “I just wasn’t making a difference.”

In 2018 Daniel had started to research supplements that could ease cravings for substances such as drugs and alcohol. For Daniel this was a personal project as well as a business endeavor; he was raised in a family ravaged by drug dependency and struggled with addiction himself into his early adult life. While making every effort to overcome his dependency through rehabilitation, Daniel noticed that even after rehab he continued to suffer from the long-term effects of addiction, including anxiety, sleep deprivation, and impulsive cravings.  He thought, “What if I can make a living while also helping people at a massive scale?”

He soon realized that he wasn’t alone: around 10% of American adults have dealt with addiction to either drugs or alcohol. However, he also realized that recovered addicts such as himself lack more to deal with the long term consequences of addiction and to stay stopped.  Through research with some of the top supplement formulators in the United States, he found that there were well known and safe compounds, antioxidants for example, that had strong science behind them and could significantly help with the hurdles he was experiencing. He wondered why didn’t everybody know about this - were businesses too scared to address this need because of the taboo attached to people that use drugs?  To address this need, Daniel founded NuLevel Research; a business with products that would address recovery hurdles from a nutritional standpoint. 



We are focused on bringing a progressive, modern, and scientific approach to combating the predictable after-effects of drug and alcohol abuse (cravings, sleep deprivation, stress, etc.).  If someone has less hurdles to overcome, they will have a better chance at staying stopped and maintaining a meaningful life.  Our mission is to educate and help as many people as humanly possible who fit this bill.

Other health supplements are often marketed using buzzword ingredients without care for quality or efficacious dosing. In contrast, our products are closely monitored to ensure that they only contain the exact mix of ingredients needed to ensure maximum effectiveness, as recommended by researchers. It’s this unparalleled commitment to not only our consumer’s health but also their happiness and well-being that has earned NuLevel’s products the endorsement and praise of our customers, doctors, large media outlets, psychiatrists, therapists, and other medical professionals around the world.