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Reduce Drug & Alcohol Cravings*
Fight Stress and Anxiety*
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If you’re sick and tired of fighting cravings and also want a mental boost, consider buying CraveTM. - Dr. Helen Okoye

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Cravings Are A Major Roadblock - Let's Move Them.

When we quit a substance or bad habit, we all do similar things to insure that we stay stopped. We fill our lives with 12 step groups, therapy, exercise, yoga, ect. - these things can be great, and if they are working, stick with it. But there's more - they all have similar things in common

  1. they demand a HUGE commitment of our time.
  2. they can be very expensive.
  3. they are all public facing and can be embarrassing.
It can all feel pretty overwhelming, and if we don't stick with them, BOOM we find ourselves right back into that same spiral. What if there was an additional tool - one that you can take privately without embarrassment, without a time commitment, that costs less than a daily one-way bus ticket?


“You want more than anything to live a fulfilling badass life, but sometimes you get powerful cravings out of nowhere and this increases risk of going back to that old way of life…"

You Are Not The Only One..

Let's lower your chances of failure, shall we? But first, let's look at the stats. Almost 10% of the population struggle with Drug and Alcohol use, and they experience negative consequences from overusing them. And, over 15% of the American population is dependant on nicotine.




People dependant on alcohol In the United States*




People dependent on Nicotine in the United States*




People dependent on drugs In the United States*




Have a loved one who is dependent on alcohol or narcotics*


Achieve your best in academics and focus on tasks without suffering from anxiety, stress and instability of cravings.


Increase your odds significantly and get more from your body with a better focus, motivation and peace of mind.


Cravings are a risk and a distraction. Advance yourself with an undeniable mental edge in the workplace. Learn faster, solve problems easier and be more productive.

Family And Friends

All of us have our loved ones that we want to see succeed more than anything. Encourage their success with Crave™ - a gift that makes a meaningful impact.

Meet CRAVE, a scientifically backed supplement that is proven to reduce cravings to drugs, alcohol, nicotine and sugar.

CraveTM is the world's first ALL NATURAL anti-craving, mental performance supplement, developed to increase your chances of sustained success by naturally rebalancing the neurotransmitters and reward systems in your brain that have been negatively affected by external substances like drugs, alcohol, nicotine, and sugar.

When the brain is back in balance, supported by lifestyle changes and supplementing with Crave™, the craving cycle can be interrupted.

Interrupt The Craving Cycle

Cravings, memory loss, decreased motivation and mental fog can last for months or years after you gave up your habit. And that, my friend, is a recipe for failure and frustration.



A powerful antioxidant studied to reduce drug and alcohol cravings, impulsive actions, and inflammation*

Lion's Mane Mushroom

This mushroom superpower supports stress relief, mood, brain cell development and memory improvement.

Huperzine A

A natural moss extract studied** to inhibit addictive behavior and also increases memory and mental performance.


An amino acid shown to improve sleep quality, anxiety, and mood.


It’s one of the most important minerals for the body. It fights stress, anxiety, and depression.


This heaven sent mineral supports serotonin and norepinephrine levels, so you feel better, while regulating blood sugar and decreasing sugar cravings.

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CraveTM System

1: Commit to Change

I don't care if you are just starting out and trying to better your life, or if you've been kicking ass for a while but it still feels like something is missing.

You are hoping for something better or you wouldn't be here looking at a craving support supplement. Change starts today, this is your commitment to yourself.

2: Take Action

There are no miracle pills, so you’ll have to take action to achieve your goals. That can be as simple as being more honest with yourself and the people around you, being a better friend, or joining a sports team or a yoga studio.

Action comes before a change - and if you want to feel better, you have to do better. What are 2 small steps you can make today towards bettering your body, mentally and physically?

3: Supplement with Crave™

You want more than anything to live a fulfilling badass life, but sometimes you get powerful cravings out of nowhere, and this increases risk of going back to your old way of life.

Imagine reducing the intensity and frequency of cravings right away, while simultaneously boosting mood, memory and motivation. This is the most powerful anti-craving and cognitive support formula available online!

See What Other CraveTM Customers Are Saying

-Austin Cooper @Soberevolution

"I decided to take Crave this morning before I left for work (my first day back in the office since the lockdown began) and although I haven't craved any drugs or alcohol, I do vape lol and I easily noticed that I didn't feel the need to walk outside and smoke nearly as often as I normally would. I also have felt calm under high stress situations. Is that something that Crave is designed to do as well? If so, then it's definitely doing it's job."

Still Thinking This?

"Does it really work?"

The ingredients in Crave™ have been adopted by professionals around the world as the best natural remedies to craving and mental clarity. NAC, Chromium, and Huperzine have been studied and found to reduce the frequency and intensity of cravings to substances and carbohydrates/sugar. We don't hide our ingredients in proprietary blends like other manufacturers.

"Is this another drug?"

No! None of the ingredients are habit forming and Crave™ will not alter your state of mind. The formula is all natural and contains no GMOs, Amino acids, herbs, etc. Crave™ is made in a GMP certified facility in the USA.

"Why should I trust you?"

You don't have to trust us, Google us! We have thousands of happy customers and positive ratings on all platforms. We are endorsed by doctors and professionals that were not compensated by our company. Our company NuLevel Research has been featured in large media outlets like Fox, NBC, ABC, LA Wire, NYWeekly, and more!

"It's too expensive."

We have a 60 day money back guarantee.
Take Crave daily for 30 consecutive days. If you are dissatisfied, contact us for a full refund on any unopened bottles.

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"Your job is to fail forward. From this day on, when you fall down, it’s your job to get back up as soon as humanly possible."

-NuLevel Research Founder.